Squad Admin


Our public servers are licensed and therefore they appear in the primary server list in-game.
This means that for these servers our admins must not only follow our own rules but also those from the Official Squad Game Server Administration Guidelines and the Code of Conduct
Alongside these admin rules, we also have ensure that we adhere to the Server license Policies and the Community Server ban FAQs to keep our license
As with any of our servers, all full [RIP] members have access to some form of admin, so we are never short of an admin.
To apply for your admin rights see this forum

Admin Levels

On our servers we have the following admin levels:


All players are able to use:

  • List player IDs
  • Respawn (Causes the player to commit suicide)
  • Show next map

Junior Admins

Members ranked Pvt and above who have signed Junior Admin guidelines are able to:

  • All above commands plus:
    • Admin chat (On public and training server)
    • Broadcast message (On public and training server)
    • Change map (On training server)
    • Force team change
    • Kick (On public and training server)
    • Set next map (On training server)

Senior Admins

Members ranked Cpl and above who have signed Senior Admin guidelines are able to:

  • All Junior admin commands plus:
    • Use BattleMetrics
    • Ban (via BattleMetrics)
    • Change map (On training server via BattleMetrics)
    • End round for bugged maps (via BattleMetrics)
    • Kick (via BattleMetrics)
    • Set next map (On training server via BattleMetrics)
    • Spectator camera (On public server)

Academy Instructors

Members that have AI status on the training server are able to:

  • All Junior admin commands plus:
    • End round
    • Force team change
    • Pause round
    • Restart round
    • Set deployment rules
    • Set kit availability rules
    • Set vehicle claiming rules
    • Spawn vehicles
    • Spectator camera

Command Group

Members of the Command Group on the match server are able to:

  • Admin chat
  • Broadcast message
  • Change map
  • End round
  • Kick
  • Pause round
  • Restart round
  • Set next map

The Console


To use the commands within the game, bring up the console and enter the commands.
To access the console double-tap the` (back tick) or ¬ (negation) key found on the top left of most keyboards (see image below).

An alternative way to access the console, is via the in-game text keys which by default are J, K and L and then delete the "say team/All" and then type your commands.
For most commands you can start typing with the letter A on your keyboard and a list of available admin commands will display.
Using the arrow keys you can select the command or type in the same text into the console.

Before using your admin rights

Ensure that you have read and understood the Basic Admin Guide before using your admin along with the Official Squad Admin Guide
If you need to clarify or report something, use this forum section.

The Commands

List players ID numbers

  • Lists the player IDs (numbering starting from 0) next to player name in console


  • Causes the player to commit suicide, used if glitched in a tree etc.

Show next map

  • Shows the next map in the rotation

Admin chat

  • Chat that only other admins can see
    ChatToAdmin TypeMessageHere
    Example: ChatToAdmin Only other admins will see this chat

Broadcast Text Command

  • Send a system message to all players on the server
    AdminBroadcast TypeMessageHere
    Example: AdminBroadcast Welcome to a [RIP] server

Change map

  • Change map immediately
    AdminChangeMap MapName
    Example: AdminChangeMap Kohat AAS v2

Kick a player

  • Kicks player with ID from the server
    AdminKickById InsertID Reason
    Example: AdminKickById 34 Teamkiller

    Ensure you list a valid reason for kicking people, as it appears in the server logs:
    • Making room for a [RIP] member - valid
    • Teamkilling - valid
    • Being AFK - valid
    • Join other side - NOT valid
    • Being kicked from a squad - NOT valid
    • For no reason - NOT valid

End round

  • Ends the round

Force teamchange

  • Changes player to other team
    AdminForceTeamChangeById InsertID
    Example: AdminForceTeamChangeById 12

    Ensure you use a valid reason for swapping people:
    • Moving a [RIP] member on [RIP] vs The World - valid
    • Team balance - valid
    • Public player asks to be moved and won't affect balance - valid
    • Moving a [RIP] member at any other time - NOT valid

Restart round

  • Restarts the round

Set deployment rules

  • Ignore placement rules for deployables, 0 = no, 1 = yes
    AdminAlwaysValidPlacement InsertID
    Example: AdminAlwaysValidPlacement 1

Set kit availability rules

  • Ignore kit restriction rules, 0 = no, 1 = yes
    AdminAllKitsAvailable InsertID
    Example: AdminAllKitsAvailable 1

Set next map

  • Sets the next map in rotation
    AdminSetNextMap MapName
    Example: AdminSetNextMap Kohat AAS v2

Set vehicle claiming rules

  • Ignore vehicle claiming rules, 0 = no, 1 = yes
    AdminDisableVehicleClaiming InsertID
    Example: AdminDisableVehicleClaiming 1

Voice attack

A Voice-activated control for your PC games and apps, which can be very useful for many different things whilst gaming.


Can be used to save time typing admin commands and some profiles have been created and can be found on their website, some of our members may have ones for admin or games that we play.

Spectator (Admin) Camera Rules

The Admin camera is an in-game floating camera solely for Senior Admins, AI and streamer use.
It is used for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Catching Hackers
  • Catching Glitchers
  • Catching players camping mains
  • Training (For Academy Instructors)
  • Filming in game footage (Training, Matches or Events)

Public server Rules

  • The Admin Cam is not to be used for any benefit to yourself, your team or your enemy.
  • Any breaches will result in Senior Admin being removed and/or removal from the clan.
  • We run clean servers with well established rules and [RIP] want it to stay that way.
    • You can use the Admin camera whether Alive, Bleeding out or Dead.
    • It is encouraged that you use the camera when you are Dead.
    • Unless a serious issue arises that leaves you no choice (e.g Hackers) then an allowance has to be made.
    • Keeping the use of the admin camera to a minimum and whilst dead will help to avoid confusion from players on our server thinking a [RIP] Member is hacking/cheating.

Camera Controls


  • All numbers are from keyboard top row, NOT on the numpad

Activate Camera

  • Hold Left-Shift and Press P to enter the Camera in-game
  • Press 0 to display the Keys and values

Camera Movement

  • W = Forward
  • S = Back
  • A = Left
  • D = Right
  • Space = Up
  • CTRL = Down
  • Scroll Wheel = Movement speed increase/decrease
  • Left Alt = Stop camera movement
  • Mouse = Pan camera
  • 1 = Fly Speed (Use mouse wheel to adjust the value)
  • 2 = Field of view (Use mouse wheel to adjust the value)
  • 3 = Focal distance of Depth of Field (Use mouse wheel to adjust the value)
  • 4 = Change Depth of Field blur size (Use mouse wheel to adjust the value)
  • F = Depth of view (on/off)

Camera Layers

  • 6 = Shows Capture points as a yellow sphere around Flag point
  • 7 = Shows a stencil around each player
  • 8 = Toggles player markers (triangles Red and Blue)
  • 9 = Displays player name-tags