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[RIP] does not require members to donate.


However, you will realise that servers do cost money to provide and it is only through donations that we are able to keep the servers available.


So please donate if you can!


It depends on what you want to do.

[RIP] is a clan that is about having fun in our games and TS. We are not a competitive clan although we do organise league competitions within the clan and compete with other clans in friendly scrims (which is why we run a platoon structure). We have previously had competitive teams but we currently just play for enjoyment although if enough members want to compete we will support it. Our experience has been that the whole gaming experience is enhanced when scriming. To be part of a competitive team you would be expected to show up for practice, usually around one hour per week and to show up for matches on a regular basis.

Having said that, we know that it is not always possible to comit the time needed to practice and compete and for that reason we have Territorial Army platoons. If at you dont want to comit to set times each week a TA platoon may be what you need. TA platoons will be offered the chance to take part in internal competitions, but there is no expectation that you have to turn up.

To continue to be considered as a member of [RIP] you do need to visit our forums each month and join our teamspeak unless you are on leave. Failure to do so will result in you being posted as missing in action. After a further month you will be removed from the clan.

Whatever your status within the clan we rely on donations. New recruits are not expected to contribute during their probationary month. However, once you are a full member we would expect you to donate to the upkeep of the servers.

As [RIP] is a multi-gaming clan, you cannot be seen wearing another clan tag or be part of another group/orginisation/clan for any of our primary games platoons/companies.

Ribbons, Medals and Badges are awarded to members as recognition for winning competitions, service or completing courses.

Detailed information about each of the awards can be found here

At [RIP] Rusty In Places we use a ranking system for members that is used to show a couple of things:

  • How long a person has been a member
  • How active a member is as part of the community

For more details see our ranks and promotion protocol page.