First 100 man Squad internal match


[RIP] organized a internal with 98 members attending. This event was organized to celebrate the launch of Squad's V1 release where 50v50 matches became a reality!

Save The Hartenstein Hotel Airborne Museum!

[RIP] were happy to be involved in the community campaign to help support The Hartenstein Hotel Airborne Museum.

Museum website

Funding campaign


Ground Branch


[RIP] started it's foray into Ground Branch with bringing it's server online for this fantastic tactical FPS game. Many events are organised building upon the games initial game modes.

Service Guarantees Citizenship

[RIP] having a bit of fun on the Starship Troopers mod in Squad


Hell Let Loose in Early Access


Today Hell Let loose moves to early access, with [RIP] Hosting a 100 man server!


Let the good times roll!


Hell Let Loose Testing Begins


Alpha testing for Hell Let Loose begins, [RIP] members will be helping to shape this awesome looking WWII shooter..


Game Information

Website 2017


The redesign of our new website has been completed, with a fresh new look and a complete change from our old styles that have done us well over the years.


The refresh also included a refresh of our logo.

Promotional Video 2017

A new promotional video for [RIP]


Hell Let Loose


Started backing Hell Let Loose in its kickstarter campaign, hoping to make this another big hit for [RIP]


Game Information

[RIP]'s Twitch



[RIP]'s Official Twitch Channel launched


[RIP] Twitch Channel


Squad Licensed Servers


[RIP] received it's two Squad license keys for the servers.

Squad Servers Live


[RIP] Squad servers now online.

Squad Alpha Gameplay

A video of [RIP] whilst partof the Squad alpha gameplay.




Started backing Squad in the kickstarter campaign


Game Information



The Rusty In Places Crew is created and rain havoc on the streets of Los Santos!


Game Information

Arma 3 King of the hill


Expanding on our Arma 3 venture we started a popular and successful King of the hill server


Game Information



The Insurgency server was launched.


Game Information

Takedown Red Sabre


Our server for Takedown Red Sabre was brought online.


Game Information

ArmA 3


The next installment of the ArmA series has arrived for [RIP] with the arrival of ArmA3.


Game Information

Promotional Video Intro 2013

The intro for our promotional videos from 2013.


Planetside 2


Planetside 2 was officially adopted as a new game for [RIP] where many a good games were had including nights fighting with squads from TOUR and others.


Game Information

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare


[RIP] moved into a different era of gameplay with Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, hosting a successful server.


Game Information

Star Citizen


Multiple members of [RIP] have started backing Star Citizen in the kickstarter campaign, with hopes of a great game when it eventually releases.


Game Information

Website 2012


A look back at our website history with the homepage from 2012

RIPping weekend 2012

Another great RIPping weekend was had down at Grendon Lakes. Many a drinks and laughs without the internet between the members.

New YouTube Channel Launched


Our official YouTube channel is launched giving our members a place to share their videos and gaming moments.


[RIP] YouTube

Battlefield 3


The long awaited new instalment to the Battlefield franchise built on the Frostbite game engine brings us back into the realm of Battlefield.

With two servers running and some excellent times.


Game Information



Team Fortress 2


Team Fortress 2 was added as another server for [RIP] to continue our reputation for high quality servers where teamplay is paramount whilst being ableto have a laugh in our comms program.


Game Information

RIPping weekend 2011

Another great RIPping weekend was had down at Grendon Lakes. Many a drinks and laughs without the internet between the members.

PR:Arma2 - Testing Begins


[RIP] was part of the initial testing and development team for Project Reality: Arma2 before it's public release in September 2011.

With over a dozen of our members being part of the stress-test team and 4 or 5 being part of the main testing team.

Website 2010


A look back at our website history with the homepage from 2010

RIPping weekend 2010

Another great RIPping weekend was had down at Grendon Lakes. Many a drinks and laughs without the internet between the members.

Promotional Video Intro 2010

The intro for our promotional videos from 2010.


Battlefield: Bad Company 2


Another installement in the Battlefield franchise, hoping to rekindle the joys that members had playing BF2 and BF2142, with some fun times on our conquest and rush servers.


Game Information

Aliens vs Predator


[RIP] added an Aliens vs Predator server to our list of games hosted.


Game Information

Left 4 Dead 2


[RIP] continued it's enjoyment and many a nights of laughter whilst playing on our L4D2 server.


Game Information

ArmA 2


Continued our clan support of the ArmA series with ArmA 2 as the successor to ArmA: Armed Assault.


Game Information

RIPping weekend 2009

Another great RIPping weekend was had down at Grendon Lakes, with 30+ members attending. Many a drinks and laughs without the internet between the members.

Left 4 Dead


[RIP] started it's foray into the Left 4 Dead series, with many a good laugh had on our server.


Game Information

Trackmania Nations Forever



A Trackmania Nations Forever server was added to our list of servers, with many a fun night had just having some fun with the races whilst enjoying a few beveages.


Game Information

RIPping weekend 2008

Another great RIPping weekend was had down at Grendon Lakes. Many a drinks and laughs without the internet between the members.

Frontlines: Fuel of War


Frontlines: Fuel of War was launched as a game within [RIP].


Game Information

Hey n00b Commander

A bit of fun whilst dealing with a Commander who is "lacking in skills" in BF2


COD4 Hits [RIP]


Call Of Duty 4 gets officially released and adopted by [RIP].

Our dedicated hardcore server soon becomes one of the most popular and most respected servers in Europe along with other our other servers covering modded maps.


Game Information

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars



Another game that ended up having many an hour spent on our own server with many a nights relaxing whilst having a few drinks.


Game Information

Medal of Honor: Airborne


A much anticipated game by the Clan Founders and other original members hoping to bring back some of the great times from the original Medal of Honor games that we played. Although it didn't quite live up to our hopes it was still a good game on our server.


Game Information



[RIP] forms "The War Pigs", a BF2:Project Reality platoon.

This Battlefield 2 modification is adopted by [RIP] and it will soon become one of the biggest games the clan has ever seen with regular 30 vs 30 clan matches.


Game Information

EVE Online


[RIP] started it's foray into space with multiple members taking on EVE Online.


Game Information



 What can only be described as one of the more scary games that we have hosted a server for, oh the joys of Alma!


Game Information

Promotional Video 2007

A look back at one of our promotional videos from 2007.



In order for us to grow the clan and help the members, the Initial Training Group (ITG) was formed to deal with any applications and be a point of reference for anyone wishing to join the clan.


The Academy was created where members would run trianing courses across all of our games on various aspects of gameplay to help each other, alongside the running of internal and external scrims, a series of internal events that has come to be known as our Fight Club and of course the start of one of the major [RIP] traditions the [RIP] vs The World event on Friday nights where the clan stack on one side on the server and take on anyone and everyone in round after round whilst enjoying a good few drinks to wind down from the working week.

Website 2007


A look back at our website history with the homepage header from 2007, unfortunately no screenshots available.

First Annual RIPping Weekend

After a meet up (paintballing and a rather wet but inebriated BBQ) by some of the clan founders and some other members that joined soon after [RIP] formed, it was decided that on the 6th to 8th July 2007, [RIP] would hold it's first RIPping weekend. This was to become an annual "get together" event, where our members could meet and greet while enjoying a good few drinks and having a laugh.


The location chosen for this event was Grendon Lakes, which has been used ever since as they have looked after us well over the years.


This first weekend attracted 35 members, where one of the highlights from this first RIPping weekend, other than the expected high consumption of alcohol was one of the members falling into one of the fishing lakes on our way back to our section of the campsite.


Live for Speed


Another server was added to our list that we have hosted, many a good night was had racing on this with our own car skins.


Game Information

ArmA: Armed Assault


[RIP] started its foray into the ArmA series, which has ended up being a long term game series played within the clan with the ArmA: Armed Assault server running well after ArmA 2 was launched.


Game Information

First website

By the launch of our first website, rather than just a forum, we had already surpassed over 150 members.


We were running BF2 and BF2142 servers in both the UK and in the USA along with other servers for CoD2, MOHPA and CSS.



The final of our first games and successful servers was BF2142, with a mixture of Vanilla and Northern Strike servers, which ended up being a strong game for the clan with multiple platoons and both internal and external leagues being ran.


Game Information

Counter-Strike: Source


Counter-Strike: Source, another one of the games that [RIP] started out playing, with many a fun games and matches with our servers running a mix of Vanilla, Dust 24/7 and Gun Game.


Game Information

Call of Duty 2


Another one of our first games and was a stalwart of fun times in our hardcore servers running a mix of Vanilla, Rifles only, CTF and Modded maps.


Game Information


The clan was officially launched with a basic forum, Ventrillo and BF2 servers, from Alpha-Networks in the UK.


The public engaged in the servers, and enjoying the way that they were run and adminned quickly began putting in application posts in our forums. RIP expanded exponentially, at great speed, both in Europe and the United States.



The game that the clan was founded on and being our most successful game.


During it's lifespan in the clan, many a platoon was formed on both sides of the Atlantic with 6 servers running a mix of Vanilla, Infantry only, SF, Desert Conflict, Point of Existence 2, Forgotten Hope 2, Operation Peacekeeper, Allied Intent, custom maps and of course training/match servers, allowing us to host many of the features that has made the clan great fun.


Internal and external scrims and leagues, fight club events, training nights to help each other in gameplay and many many nights of laughter and drunken antics!!!!


Game Information



Ventrilo was used as our first clan communication system.



The start of an era


Our history begins back in 2006, where the 10 clan founders had played Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault (MOHPA), Counter Strike Source (CSS), Call of Duty 2 (CoD2) and then Battlefield 2 (BF2) together for a few years.


With a vision to create a clan where mature friends could come together and team up while playing their favourite games and engage in some banter and enjoy a few drinks, plans were put in motion. All of our game servers were to be set as Hardcore (or as close as the games would allow) and be well admined.


Between the clan founders and a couple of other key members we had the skill sets required to get great servers up and running quickly, along with the setting up our website.


The Clan Founders:

  • BearBison
  • BIG-Dewey
  • BIG-Paddy
  • BIG-Ranger
  • Dodger
  • Grimreaper
  • Gunner
  • Magnus
  • Robs
  • Stinky