The rules of the clan for members can be found below. This is what is expected from our members if you want to join.

The original vision of [RIP] was for a place where mature friends could come together and team up while playing their favourite games and engage in some banter and enjoy a few drinks.
As such our founding rules are:

  • We are all here to have fun whilst playing games
  • We should all aim to get along with each other or when issues arise follow the issue resolution process
  • From time to time things may not go as you want, please refrain from over expressing yourself
  • Baiting or abusing other members or public players will not be tolerated

General rules that don't fit in other sections:

  • Abuse will not be tolerated in any form as it has no place in [RIP].
  • As we are a multi-national clan and people have very different views, no religion or politics discussion are allowed as it will always end up with tension between members.
  • Although swearing will be heard in our voice comms, we do not need to see it written anywhere (we follow Ofcom generally unacceptable guide).
  • Do not post any crass or socially unacceptable language or pictures (NSFW).
  • Do not post any illegal content.
  • We expect all [RIP] members to play fair and in a good manner at all times, as such:
    • Respect must be shown to fellow members, the general public, other clans and communities.
    • Members must not use the in-game message tool to abuse others, vent their frustration or accuse anyone of cheating (see rules on cheating). This behaviour will result in a ban
    • Members must follow all given clan and server rules at all times this includes not abusing any membership perks or admin privileges.
    • Any [RIP] members found to be breaking the rules will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Each game we host will have its own specific game rules (alongside our general server rules) that all players must follow, with no exceptions and games may have some additional rules for members.
  • Our server rules can be found here
  • Our rules apply to members not only on our servers but also on other servers, if we are provided with proof of an offence committed on another server we will serve you with a permanent ban.

[RIP] does not have any requirement to play a minimum amount of hours or attend training sessions or matches.

However, due to the requirement of ensuring that we only keep data no longer than required and to ensure our roster is fully up to date with only active members the following apply:

  • It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you stay as an active member, NO notice will be given on change of status due to not meeting the requirements
  • Members that have not visited our forums within 30 days will be set as MIA.
    • Game names that do not match across all of our platforms may cause members to be set MIA
    • Whilst set as MIA:
      • Admin will no longer work
      • Reserved slots will no longer work
      • Members tag in Discord will be removed preventing full access
      • You will be listed in the MIA section of the roster
    • To return from MIA:
      • Ensure that you have visited the forum
      • Ensure that your game name is an exact match across all platforms (forum/discord/steam)
      • Contact a member of CS through this forum
  • Members that have not visited our forums within 60 days will set as having LEFT the clan.
  • Members constantly being set MIA/LEFT can be refused a return.

To try and prevent anyone having a large admin overhead and to maintain some form of structure, the hierarchy of the clan is shown below.


[RIP] Hierarchy

The basic overall hierarchy of the clan.

[RIP] abhor cheating in any form and as such

  • Any member that has an active ban from BE, VAC, PB etc. will be removed from the clan.
  • New members will be unable to join if they have an active ban from BE, VAC, PB etc.
  • Any member caught cheating will be banned and reported to all relevant parties.
  • Using any in-game glitches to your advantage will be classed as cheating.
    • So if you find them or know of any, do not use them and report them to the game devs.
  • If you suspect any player of cheating:
    • Inform a Senior Admin.
    • They will then determine the outcome.
    • Do not attempt to engage in a discussion with the player via in-game messages or voice comms.
  • Remember that in order for our servers to be filled, we need the participation of public players, so fair play is important on our part.

As a [RIP] member, we use a separate voice program to our games to ensure no-one is impersonating a [RIP] member, as such:

  • When you are playing on a [RIP] server, [RIP] members must be in our Discord voice channels.
    • Not being in Discord voice may end up with you being banned from the game server.
  • You should ideally be in the channel for the game/server that you are playing on, with a few exceptions:
    • The Bar can be used if you want to chat to other members playing other games
    • The Quiet Zone can be used if you want a quieter time whilst playing games
    • If raiding another server use the Bar or an Other Games channel
  • We are a mature Clan and expect our members to act accordingly, thus swearing is permitted in our voice comms. However, remember to respect the other members in the same channel and do not overindulge in these activities.
  • Push to Talk is enforced.
  • Members who have not visited our voice comms within 30 days will be placed in the MIA section of the roster, lose the member tag preventing full access and after 60 days will be removed from the clan to ensure that we have an up to date Roster and genuine number of Clan members.
  • If you are playing another game, if you are on our voice comms and have created a channel you may find other members might join you for a game.

To allow easy communication of information and provide a way of monitoring active membership, [RIP] use our forum and website for official communication. Therefore:

  • Members must keep yourself up to date with the forums, as all clan information will be posted there.
  • Members must visit the forums at least once a month to ensure that you are still active.
  • Members who have not visited our forums within 30 days will be placed in the MIA section of the roster and after 60 days will be removed from the clan to ensure that we have an up to date Roster and genuine number of Clan members.

To prevent issues with people impersonating a member:

  • It is a requirement to have your username/display name on all of our official channels to be the same (including case), this includes:
    • Forum
    • Roster
    • Discord
    • STEAM
    • Any other platforms
  • This makes it easier to admin and when possible automated.
    • Due to restrictions within some of our systems, we do not allow any non-standardised English alphabet characters in your username, this includes special characters and accents above letters. Numeric numbers 0 > 9 will be accepted. We are sorry about this but we are limited to the available regional settings within some of the systems.

All [RIP] servers are paid for through donations, as such:

  • Donations to [RIP] are completely voluntary.
  • Donations are only used to cover the costs of running our website and servers.
  • To encourage donations, whenever possible perks are offered to members who donate.

One of the perks that only members can get is a reserved slot in our game servers. This perk applies:

  • To any member who has donated funds greater than £3 GBP in the past 3 months.
  • If the game supports reserved slots.
  • On all of our servers, not just your main game.
  • Whilst playing on the [RIP] servers, all members must wear their tags. If you don't wear them, do not complain when you are kicked.
  • We expect each member to be proud to wear the [RIP] tags and associate themselves with us, thus whilst playing on other servers we would like to see you wear them, although this is not compulsory.
  • If you are seen using tags other than [RIP] tags, you will be deemed as having left the clan and be removed.
  • If you are seen wearing a tag other than [RIP], you will be removed from the clan.
  • This does not mean that you cannot play with another group/organisation/clan/community, it just means that you cannot hold a management role, recruit or wear the tags of another communities, to prevent any conflict of interest.

To maintain our standards on our servers, the following applies:

  • All full members will have access to the Server Admin forums and thus can have some form of admin rights on all [RIP] servers.
    • Members must apply for admin rights.
    • This excludes recruits, until they have passed their recruitment period.
    • Members that are MIA and On Leave will have admin access paused.
  • Depending on server/game, admin rights may be split into different categories.
    • Members of a rank between Pvt and L.Cpl can have basic admin rights.
    • Members ranked Cpl and above can have senior admin rights.
    • Command Staff and other selected groups have access to the server control panel in order to perform various tasks such as start/stop/update the game servers.
    • Senior Admins have access to the banned player lists.

Due to our system of maintaining a current roster to ensure we don't hold any data longer than required, if you are planning on being away on holiday or an extended work deployment for more than 2-3 weeks follow the steps below to avoid being places MIA:

  • Inform your GC/2IC and post in the 'Notice for Holiday' forum (ensure that you use the correct posting format)
    • If this is for more than 1 month, they will then place you in the On Leave section of the 'roster' which will prevent you from being placed MIA
    • Whilst you are listed as On Leave, your admin rights and reserved slot will not work
  • If you do find yourself in the MIA (normally after forgetting to inform someone):
    • Contact your GC/2IC and they will assist you in gaining your access back

If you have decided the time to leave [RIP] has come for whatever reason, then all we can say is, have fun and good luck wherever you may end up and we may see you again.

  • All we ask is that you let us know you are leaving and that you leave amicably.
  • Remember to post your resignation in the 'Leaving RIP' forum section so that all know you have left so any admin and other rights can be removed.
  • If you leave amicably and you let us know that you are joining an existing/creating a new clan
    • We may temporary ban you for 30 days just to protect ourselves from issues similar to what we have had in the past with sour members leaving.
    • We would prefer to have everyone leave amicably and not end up with bad blood but this is not always possible.
  • Things NOT to do when leaving:
    • Post anything defamatory, as all it will do is be removed and your account will be deactivated without hesitation.
    • Don't abuse your admin on the servers before your rights are removed.
    • Join a competing clan mid tournament, without letting us know.
    • Try to recruit members into another clan.
  • Breaking any of the above rules will automatically end up with you being permanently banned from our servers.

For issues that come along, of which there will be a few over time, follow the process below to resolve the issue:

  • Do not post on forums/discord in the first instance as this always leads to unneeded drama
  • First, try and resolve the issue on a one to one basis
  • If this is unsuccessful, then speak to the next person in the chain of command
    • If the issue is with your next level in the chain of command, go to the next level

If you are considering rejoining [RIP] and you left on good terms and you have the old members forum group it is a simple process:

  • Post in the 'Information About RIP' forum section
  • A member of the CS will respond to you and check there are no issues
  • Assuming no issues they will start the process of setting you back up
  • To complete the process you will need to speak with them on our voice comms

 If you left through constantly being set as MIA/LEFT or your account is not in the old members forum group:

  • Post in the 'Information About RIP' forum section
  • A member of the CS will respond to you and a decision will be made on the request
  • Assuming no issues they will start the process of setting you back up
  • To complete the process you will need to speak with them on our voice comms

Every now and again, the rules may change as times move on, as such:

  • It is the responsibility of [RIP] members to keep themselves up to date with rules.
  • [RIP] members have access to our 'Standing Orders' forum section, where:
    • Any new rules will be posted.
    • Clarifications on any rules can be asked, which may result in amendments to a rule.