Basic Admin


Welcome to the [RIP] Basic Admin guide.
This covers the basics of what we expect from all admins on our servers.

Who has Admin?

As a basic rule, all full members will have admin on our servers once they agree to uphold our rules.
The level of admin access on a server will differ based on the following groups and levels:

  • Clan Founders
  • Clan Leaders
  • Command Staff
  • Senior Admins
  • Junior Admins


As a clan, we are trying to provide a fun, fair environment for all public and clan players.
Remember that without the public players the servers are not much fun.
As such, we expect an admin to monitor the server whilst playing to ensure the following:

As an admin the basic rules to follow when dealing with an issue are:

  • Warn the player(s)
  • Kick the player(s)
  • Ban the player(s) as a last resort
  • The only time anything other than the above format is to be used is when the player breaks one of the ban rules.

If you are kicking a public player to make room for a [RIP] member then kick in the order of:

  • Spectators / Unassigned
  • High Team kill's / Negative scores
  • High Pings
  • Other clans
  • Anyone

Abusing Admin Rights

If a [RIP] member is found to be abusing their admin rights, then action will be taken in line with the clan disciplinary rules.

This includes:

  • Moving people around in TS
  • Not following our admin guidelines
  • Breaking our server rules

The action taken may include any of the following, depending upon severity and current warnings:

  • A warning
  • Removal of admin rights
  • Demotion
  • Removal from clan

Admining [RIP] Members

If a [RIP] member breaks the server rules then pull them up in our voice comms.

Moving of [RIP] Members

[RIP] members should not be moved from current side in game, exept on the very rare occasion by CS or above to balance sides (or anyone on [RIP] vs The World).

Kicking [RIP] members:

There are only two instances where a [RIP] member should be kicked from a server:

  • When they are not in our voice comms whilst playing on one of our servers and they have ignored warnings through chat to get on voice comms.
    If they then come on to voice comms and have an issue then inform them to take it up with a Command Staff member, Clan Leader or Clan Founder.
  • If they are AFK for longer than 20 minutes when the server is full and not responding to voice comms.

Banning [RIP] members:

Under no circumstances should a [RIP] member ever be banned unless directed to do so by a Clan Leader or Clan Founder.

Admin Tools

Guides on how to use our admin tools and any downloads required, can be found in the admin section of our forum at
Warning: DO NOT use any tool other than those listed as it may cause issues on the server

Removal of Access

There are a couple of reasons members will lose their admin rights:

  • If a member is found to be abusing the position of admin at a minimum they will lose admin rights
  • If a member leaves the clan
  • If a member goes long term 'On leave'
  • If a member gets put MIA

To regain admin, the process to gain admin has to be redone to ensure they are aware of the latest changes.