Battlemetrics RCON


BattleMetrics is a web-based RCON service that allows us to manage the supported games to the level that RCON is supported by the game developers.
It provides us with the following features to name a few:

  • VAC ban detection
  • Automatic triggers
  • Player database
  • Synchronised banlists across all servers
  • Android/iPhone Apps
  • Scheduler
  • Activity logs
  • Server commands

This tutorial will teach you, how to use this web tool to admin our supported servers easier and faster.

Login details

Accepting invite

This part will walk you through accepting the invite to organisation.

Accepting the invite

  • Once you have been informed that an account has been created, check your email and check for mail from battlemetrics (Within 3 days!).
  • Open it and follow the link.

Signing in

  • After you have followed the link from your email, you will need to login (or create an account if you have not already done this).
  • Some people find it easier to sign in through STEAM (personal preference but NOT recommended).

  • After that you will need to accept the invite.

  • Return to the Senior Admin thread and reply to confirm that you have accepted the invite.
  • Then your account will be modified to have the correct access level.
  • NOTE:
    • The invite expires after 3 days.
    • You must confirm that you have accepted the invite before you get full access.
    • Before using the Battlemetrics, you need to go back to your mail inbox and follow the new link from new email and confirm your account.
    • It may be easier to create an account on battlemetrics before requesting access.

Home Page

  • After you have logged in, you will get the home page (without the servers).

  • The small head icon (top right) is the account settings. Here you can change your password, email, alerts and other personal details.
  • Other options will be explained separately.

Adding server to favourites and server stats

  • As you can see from home page image you can add our servers so that they appear for ease of access.
  • To add servers to your homepage follow the steps below:
    • Select the Servers tab.

    • Enter [RIP] Rusty in the Search field and select the Search button.
    • In the returned list, select one of our servers and then select the Favorite button.

    • The server will now appear on your BattleMetrics Home page and you will be able to see the players graph.
    • From this page and/or when you select the server from the Home page you can see detailed statistics of the server.


  • To access the admin side of things, click on RCON button in the top right near the account settings button.


  • Once you have clicked the RCON button, you will arrive at the Dashboard.
  • This is where the all of our organisation's servers are listed.
  • You can adjust the size and location of all windows in this screen, so that it's easier to see the main ones that you require.
  • The current players on the server and the latest activity logs can be seen for each server (if you expand the windows).
  • You can also broadcast to individual servers or all servers (dependant upon your admin level).


  • The Activity tab allows you to view all of the activity that has been registered by the server.
  • This can include:
    • Player Messages
    • Admin Commands
    • Battleye Log
    • Player Join
    • Player Leave
    • Log Message
  • To change what is shown, you can use the gear wheel at the top right to adjust the settings.


  • The Bans tab allows the viewing of all Bans across the Organisations servers, that have been done using BattleMetrics.
  • This can be from triggers or manual banning of players.
  • Bans can be searched using any criteria.


  • The Players tab allows the searching of Players that have played on our server.
  • Can be extremely useful for banning people after they have left the server.
  • Players cna be searched using any criterai, including name and STEAMID.


  • The last tab is Servers, where you will be presented with a drop-down menu to select any of our servers.
  • This provides the ability to monitor and admin only the one server in a full window, makingit easier to see.
  • Once a server is selcted you will see a scren similar to the following:

  • On the left, you will see a list of the current players on the server, how much time they have been on the server, their score and STEAMID.
  • You will also see any additional flags or information on the players.
  • The players can be administered by clicking on the small arro next to their name.
  • On the right, you can see who is connecting and disconnecting from server and also activity of all admins on battlemetrics, and depending on the game, you may see chat logs.
  • Then at the bottom, you can see your name and a small window where you can type a message for broadcasting to the server.

Player Flags

  • The Player flags are useful to help admining the server, by providing additional detail on specific players.
  • The current flags are:
    • Game ban

    • VAC ban

    • Player's first time on the server.

Quick admin tool

  • By clicking on the down arrow next to a players name, you will get the quick admin tool for actions against that player.
  • In this menu you will be able to:
    • See information regarding any VAC/Game bans.
    • View more information (players profile).
    • Add a ban.
    • Kick from server.
    • Force teamchange.

Player Profile

  • By clicking on the View more information on the quick admin tool, the full profile of that player can be seen.
  • Here you can see the following information:
    • All identifiers for a player (names used, STEAMID and BattlEye GUID).
    • STEAM information including any VAC, Game, Community or Economy (STEAM marketplace) bans.
    • Current or expired admin bans.
    • An Admin log covering any actions on the player.

    • Further down, you can see the notes box, where any notes can be added (such as proof for bans) and also records of which of our servers they have played on.

    • At the top right, you have the Public Profile button. This will provide you further details on the servers that a player has been on and the time spent on each.

    • The Bell Icon, allows an alert to be configured on the player to notify you when a player leaves or joins a server.

  • The other option at the top right of the View more information page is the Add Ban button (this takes you to the same page as if you select Add Ban on the Quick Admin tool).
  • This can be used to ban a player after they have left the server.
  • When banning a player, follow the steps below:
    • Select server (if not already selected).
    • Select Organization Wide Ban.
    • Add a Reason.
    • Add proof to the Note section.
    • ONLY select Steam ID¬†and EOS ID as the Banned Identifiers.
    • ALL other options should be left empty or the disabled option selected.

 Server Commands

  • When you have a server selected (so that it is the only one on screen), you can use the Server Commands drop-down menu.
  • The available options here will vary according to the game and level of access but include:
    • Kick Player.
    • Restart Match.
    • End Match.
    • Show the Next Map.
    • Change Map.
    • Set Next Map.