Head Up Display (HUD)

Head-up display (HUD)


In this course, we will get into the depth of what you see on your screen while playing Post Scriptum. Understanding the HUD can make all the difference on the battlefield.

Permanent HUD Intel

Equipment Name (Red)
Shows the equipement currently in use.
Weapon Range (Blue)
Some weapons allow you to set the range (X+ mouse wheel) to accurately engage targets at a further distance.
Ammo Counter (Green)
Shows the remaining amount of ammo or equipments of the selected item.
Fire Mode (Yellow)
Bolt, Single and Auto are the firemodes available depending on your kit. (Middle Mouse Button by default)
Stamina Bar (Pink)
Stamina can be regained by walking slow, going into the prone/crouch stance, using the canteen will give you a short stamina regeneration boost.

Ammo Widget

The ammo widget provides crucial information on your ammo status.The color on the bullet icon tells you how many rounds you have left in your weapon with white being full and red means empty. The number next to the bullet icon indicates how many magazines you have left on your character.

Non-permanent HUD Intel


  1. Primary weapon (Red)
  2. Secondary Weapon (Blue)
  3. Grenades and other explosives (Green)
  4. Smoke grenades (Yellow)
  5. Medical supplies (Pink)
  6. Special equipment - Such as Shovel, Canteen. Rifleman kits also have sandbags and a camera (Orange)


(From left to right: Compass used by the Allied factions - The German compass - The compass used in all faction’s vehicles)

Your compass will appear on the left side of your screen by pressing the Y(default) key. The vehicle compass will only appear for driver and gunners of vehicles for non-armoured sections. The compass is visible for armoured section members while in a vehicle.

Supply Lines

The supply line icon will appear in the top left corner of your screen. They cover the entire supply line of fresh soldiers, resources as ammo and build points as well as off-map support for commanders.

  • You’re in range of a forward operating base (FOB) (Red)
  • You’re in range of a construction truck (a.k.a. logi) with 1000 construction points (combination of build and ammo points (Blue)
  • You’re in range a supply dump with 1000 construction points (combination of build and ammo points) (supply dumps can be dumped in 2 places with 500 points or dumped in 1 places and refilled to 1000 points) (Green)
  • You’re in range of a radio (Yellow)
  • You’re in range of your section’s “regroup group” rally point (Pink)

Cap Zone Status

The cap zone status icon appears in the center top side of your screen when you’re in a cap zone range or inside the main base of your team.

Defensive Cap Zone:

  • Losing the cap: The friendly flag is going down or enemy flag is going up
  • Regaining cap: The friendly flag is going up

Assault Cap Zone:

  • Losing the cap: The enemy flag is going up
  • Capturing cap: The enemy flag is going down or friendly flag is going up

More HUD Intel (name change?)

  •  The usernames of your teammates appear above their heads while you aim at them. The medic can be identified by the + icon next to their names. Section leaders have a circle next to their names with a section identifier in it in the form of a number
  •  Health indicator (for medics only) - over the team player's characters
  •  Voice indicator - far bottom left
  •  Pre-round or round timer: Before a match starts, you may see the pre-round timer. During a match, if a time limit applies to the match, a round timer will also be shown. These timers appear top, right-hand corner
  •  Map - right half side of the screen
  •  In-game text chat - top left
  •  Administrator text chat - top middle
  •  Status message sometimes appear as feedback when you interact in the game – top middle