Bounding Overwatch

Bounding Overwatch


This course is an extension to Basic Formations.

Bounding Overwatch is another tactics movement technique to move from A to B and has 2 variations. With bounding one element is always proving overwatch while the other element is maneuvering, hence the nickname leapfrogging. overwatch The technique can be applied in a buddy system with just 2 players, with 2 fire teams and even multiple sections.

Types of Bounding

Successive Bounding

Is slower then Alternate Bouding. One team advances, halts position then the other team moves up in line with them and the process starts over. It will give more security and better overview but it's a lot slower

Alternate Bounding

Is faster then Successive Bounding. One team advances, halts position then the other team moves over them to a more forward position and the process starts over.

Things to keep in mind


  • ┬áKeep comms nice and clean
  • Stay with the local comms range within buddy or fireteam setup (approx 40m without ambient/combat noises)
  • If SL isn't part of an FTL he (or he can assign a medic) will give out overall instructions

While bounding

  • Stay within effective view distance of each other
  • Stay within effective shooting ranges of each other
  • Size of bounds is determined by terrain, visibility, enemy threat,.....