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Hello and thank you for joining us in this epic quest of raising money for Macmillian. The reason I chose this charity is because within the last year I have had very close friends, brothers, and sisters that have lost their mother to cancer.

Throughout the next 24 hours I will be raising money whilst playing Squad, Post Scriptum, Hell Let Loose, and more (if you dont have the game stay in the channel and play another game and still be apart of it). The target is £500 which is easily achivable with the massive support everyone has given.

This event will be streamed by Geoffwills, so be sure to watch it whilst gaming to help get the views up; more followers more opportunity for others to see the stream and support the quest.

Watch live video from Geoffwill on

Donation page: ... /rogue-roo

With it being 24 hours non-stop there are safety thing that I would like to go through:
-Stay hydrated (I know we will be drinking alochol later, so limit yourself and make sure you can finish the event)
- Take breaks if needed (stretch, walk around, rest your eyes, even grab a quick nap if you need one. If you get crazy tired, or dizzy, anxious or angry at any point, go AFK until you feel better)

Good luck, Have fun and thank you for your donation and support.