Members Manual


Firstly, welcome to [RIP].

You will find that [RIP] tries to function and treat everyone with respect and care. The Clan Founders have gone to great lengths to make everyone feel that this is also their clan. This is what [RIP] asks of you in return.

As a new recruit, you may have many questions. This manual will try to answer many of them. Please remember at any time feel free to ask questions from any member of the clan from other recruits to the Clan Founders and remember, "there is no such thing as a stupid question" someone will have asked it before.

As a clan, [RIP] are a mature bunch of fellow gamers, intent on having fun whilst gaming online. Our goal is to create our own niche in the gaming world where members can all gather and play on cheat free servers and enjoy the friendships that are made.

Our goal is to have multiple gaming servers of the more popular games out there, and [RIP] will test any new releases as they come out. This way [RIP] hopes to be a more dynamic Clan by offering a wide variety and choice of gaming options to our members.

Thank you for your time and again, welcome to [RIP].


This manual can be thought of as a basic training reference and Clan manual for both recruits and full members of [RIP]. It covers all the necessary information from understanding how the clan is run, to what is expected from you. 


From the date of setup by a RO you are on a one-month probationary period, giving both the Clan and you time to ensure that this is what [RIP] are looking for and where you want to belong.

During the four weeks in basic training, you will have the rank of Recruit (Rec). Upon completion of your recruit period, and when all requirements are met, you will be promoted to the rank of Private (Pvt).

Platoon Assignment

Your eventual placement in a specific platoon is dependent upon your choice of main game on the initial [RIP] application.

The platoon types are described below:

  • Game Platoons
If you are looking for the best our clan has to offer, then platoon life is for you. Game platoons consist of active members who like a bit of healthy competition in internal/external matches, and who take interest in particular positions or kits within the game. Game platoon life also gives the member an opportunity to step up to command positions within the platoon itself.
Becoming a game platoon member requires a certain level of active commitment within the clan and the platoon. This means you should be willing to attend a one-hour training session per week and participate in platoon courses when available. If you are unable to make a match or course, you must inform your chain of command leader. A post in your platoon forum match or course post is best. This way your platoon commanders (Game CO and 2IC) and Academy Instructors (AI) can plan for the sessions knowing the numbers that will be attending.
If at any time you want to change platoons, speak to your game commander and they will issue a transfer for you. If you do not wish to participate in regularly scheduled matches or trainings, you may put in a request to be transferred to the Territorial Army (TA) platoon. The TA is an all games, casual play platoon with no commitment required.
  • TA Platoon
The TA was setup to allow those members who are unable or that do not want the commitment of platoon life.
As a member of the TA, you have no commitments to play at any time. You just turn up and play what you want when time permits. This does not mean you cannot take part in clan events. You are eligible to join any of our fun internal events such as our Holiday scrims, fight club, and our academy courses. If you would like to participate in Game Platoon matches, you must put in a request for Volunteer status in the game of your choice. Again, your platoon leader or 2IC can have this status assigned for you.
If at any time you want to change to platoons, speak to the TA Commander and they will get you transferred.

Clan Founders

The Clan Founders are those that have final say on all clan decisions since they started the clan back in January 2007.

The current Clan Founders still with us are listed below and can be identified in our voice program by the tag group CF:

  • BearBison

Chain of Command

As [RIP] is a large clan, the chain of command must be followed to prevent one person getting snowed under with workload that prevents them from gaming. Only break the chain of command if either you have an issue with your next level of command or they are unavailable.

The chain of command from the top down is listed below:

  • Clan Founder
  • Clan Leader
  • Game Commander
  • Game 2IC
  • Platoon Leader
  • Platoon 2IC

The only variation on this is when you are a recruit your chain of command is your RO.

Ranks and Promotion Protocol

Our ranking system is based on the British army.

All members are asked that you respect any senior ranking member, as they would have gained that rank for time served in [RIP] and/or taking on higher leadership positions.

A full layout of our ranks can be seen here:

Our promotion protocol and abbreviations can also be viewed in the standing orders section of the forums:

Rules and Regulations

It is your responsibility to follow the Clan and game Server rules and to make sure that you are aware of any changes in them.

A complete list of [RIP] Clan and server rules can be found under 'Rules' on the top navigation bar of our website.

Any changes or additions can be found in the Standing Orders forum at

On Leave

If you plan on being away from the clan for more than two weeks, you must post in the Notice For Holiday forum to prevent any issues, such as being listed Missing in Action (MIA) and being removed from the clan for lack of activity. You are also required to post here upon your return. Please note that being placed On Leave removes you from your platoon roster and also removes any admin privilege and reserved slot statuses.

Members and recruits must post in the forum here:

If you will be on leave for an extended period (30+ days), your CO or other Command Staff (CS) member will place you to on-leave status on the [RIP] Company Roster, which can be seen at Upon your return from leave, it is your responsibility to notify [RIP] CS, through a return post in Notice For Holiday forum, to be removed from on-leave status.

By posting, it keeps the chain of command informed of your status and also limits your non-service days for promotion purposes. Note: All promotions are based on active days spent in our clan. Active days stop when being placed 'On Leave' and resume when placed back as Active. For specific requirements regarding basic member activity, see the 'Activity' section under our clan rules.

Family Members

[RIP] no longer accepts members under 21, this includes family members and children.


Donations are welcome and can be made via the front page of our website

We aim for 100% of our members to donate but understand that payments cant always be made. So please donate as much or as little as you like as it all helps keep the servers paid for.

Our current monthly donation target can be found in the forums and is updated monthly.

Reserved Slots

All Recruits and Members who donate to [RIP] will receive a Reserved Slot on all capable [RIP] servers.

A Reserved Slot will allow that Recruit or Member to bypass the player queue when joining the game server.

Reserved slots do not work if you are ON LEAVE or MIA, due to the temporary loss of clan membership.

It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you don't lose your reserved slot, as we can't keep you informed when your donation runs out.

Missing In Action

If you have been placed MIA, this means that you have not logged into both our forums and TeamSpeak for more than 30 days.

Whilst you are MIA, any reserved slots and admin will not work.

After being MIA for a further month, you will be listed as having left the clan, your access to the Forums and Teamspeak will be reverted to basic public membership, your admin rights will be withdrawn along with any reserved slot's you have had on our Dedicated Game Servers.

If you would like to return please post in where any member of Command Staff in our Teamspeak can/will reinstate your Membership.


As a [RIP] member, you are expected to keep yourself up to date with the forums, as valuable information will be contained within the board index. Although not mandatory, all members are encouraged to post at least once per month on any topic of their choosing.

At a minimum, the boards that require your attention are the following:

  • Standing Orders
  • Your Platoon board

As you progress through [RIP] member ranks and roles, other boards will become available to you .


From the profiles section of the forums you can modify all of your details to your forum account.

To access your profile, follow the diagrams below:

DO NOT MODIFY YOUR AVATAR OR YOUR SIGNATURE These are set by clan admins..


To provide members with access to the various parts of the [RIP] forums we use usergroups to provide an easy means of permissions.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct usergroup access. As a recruit, you will have recruit access and once your probation has ended you will need assigned to the members group and any relevant platoon group.

To request access to a usergroup contact a senior member of that group or a member of the command staff.


In the forums, [RIP] members are expected to have the avatar showing their rank on display so both members and pubs can see who is a member and who is a non-member.

Whenever you post as shown in the image to the right your name will display under your avatar along with any details from your profile.



In the forums, [RIP] members are expected to have a signature on display so both members and pubs can see who is a member and who is a non-member.

[RIP] uses the member signature to show others which game and platoon that member belongs to, or, for a person of high enough rank, to show their position within clan.

To keep things in order [RIP] has a few basic rules for sigs:

  • All signatures are created by the [RIP] Media Team
  • All files are hosted by [RIP] and must be approved by the Clan Founder (CF)
  • A sig must always be worn
  • No individualized signatures are allowed, except for the following [RIP] members:
    • Clan Founders
    • Clan Leaders
    • Command Staff
    • PL & 2IC can have a slight modification on platoon sig

For recruits, and members awaiting platoon signatures, several generic signatures have been created for use. Examples can be seen below.


Viewing Forum Posts

Rather than going through each forum board to see what posts are new since your last visit, you can view newer posts and those that you have not read by following the diagram below:


For our VoIP communication system, [RIP] currently uses Teamspeak3. As a member, you are expected to be on our Teamspeak whenever you are playing on one of our servers. If you are not seen in channel, you will be kicked by an admin after a warning. This is to prevent people impersonating [RIP] members and is necessary to meet minimum clan activity.

If you are unable to make noise at home you are still expected to be in our voice program, but you can go into the AFK channel or mute your microphone/headphones in the Teamspeak program.

To install and configure Teamspeak3 please see


The [RIP] Steam group has been created for members and public Steam gamers to join. This group admins attempt to keep up-to-date news on the clan, streams and current events, however, the [RIP] forums section of the website remains the official platform for everything [RIP]. Our Steam group address is  

Those members who join the group are eligible for the The Rusty In Places Steam Group Player of the Week award. For eligibility requirements, see this forum post: This group also serves as one of our back up contact systems in the event of server/website downtime.

[RIP] Discord

Our [RIP] Discord server is open to clan members, recruits and the general gaming public. The Invite link to our server is Our full clan rules, which also fully apply to our Discord, can be viewed at These rules apply not only to our Discord, but to all [RIP] controlled media and servers. If you have a disagreement with another user, please take it to Direct Message's.


Throughout the year, [RIP] hosts multiple events that members can take part in, most of these are for fun but some should be taken seriously.

Our events include:

  • [RIP] vs the World Friday nights on our public servers
  • Internal scrims
  • Platoon training (serious)
  • Internal fun and Holiday scrims
  • External competition scrims (serious)
  • Fight Club events
  • Academy courses (serious)
  • Whatever other fun events we can think of