RIP Discord

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No talk about PC games.
Rules still apply though.
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RIP Discord

Post by Buckles »



Our discord is now open to the public -
Use this link -

[RIP] Rusty In Places Official Discord Server Rules

Welcome to the [RIP] Rusty In Places Discord, please read through this channel before posting!
Failure to read the rules is not an excuse!

The core principles of [RIP] are that we are all here to have fun whilst gaming and all users should treat each other with respect.

Our full clan rules which fully apply to this Discord can be viewed at and these rules apply to all [RIP] controlled media and servers.
If you have a disagreement with another user, please take it to DM's.

As a brief set of rules:

DO NOT post any NSFW content
DO NOT discuss politics or religion
DO NOT post exploits, glitches or hacks
DO NOT post illegal content
DO NOT post personal information (GDPR) such as name, address, email, phone numbers, etc.
DO NOT spam, troll, harass, or bait other users
DO NOT disrespect other users
DO NOT soliciting and/or advertising

The above brief rules are not exhaustive and only show a subset, moderators will use judgement when dealing with issues.

WE WILL ban anyone breaching any of our rules from this Discord.

Game server rules

Rules for our game servers can be found at

If you wish to appeal a ban please ref to
Ban appeals will not be discussed or dealt with on Discord.

For RIP members - TS and forums are still our official means for clan business and being on Discord does not count towards clan activity.

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Re: RIP Discord

Post by CaZ »

Great stuff Buckles.

I have a small suggestion. Since we're a multigaming clan - more and more games might come out in the future and it may create more and more channels on our discord.

Just recently we were discussing a space engineers channel and Modern Warfare is on the horizon. So the current setup is too cloggy.

There is a discord server bot "role assignment" feature where you allow players to choose a game and then get access to its respective channels.

Just as an example, I don't play Arma, HLL, PS or SC. And don't really need to see those channels.

Other than that, good job 👍
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Re: RIP Discord

Post by Planetgong »

CaZ wrote: ....
Just as an example, I don't play Arma, HLL, PS or SC. And don't really need to see those channels.

Just mute and hide them channels. So you don't see em.
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Re: RIP Discord

Post by Trixy »

:clap: :clap: :clap:
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