Arma 3 Basic Admin


As with any of our servers, all full [RIP] members have access to some form of admin, so we are never short of an admin.
To apply for your admin rights see this forum

Admin Levels

On our server we have the following admin levels:


All players are able to use:

  • Voting

Junior Admins

Members ranked Pvt and above who have signed Junior Admin guidelines are able to:

  • All above commands plus:
    • Mission selection menu (list all missions)
    • Restart mission
    • Restart mission and reassign slots

Senior Admins

Members ranked Cpl and above who have signed Senior Admin guidelines are able to:

  • All above commands plus:
    • Use Senior Admin Mod
    • Use BattleMetrics

Before using your admin rights

Ensure that you have read and understood the Basic Admin Guide before using your admin.
If you need to clarify or report something, use this forum section.

Using the Commands

To use any of the commands within ArmA3, bring up the normal chat box using the / (forward slash) key and enter the command.
If you experience issues with the chat not showing in game, this is due to a bug after pressing the Escape key.
To get around this issue, change the game setting in Game Options > General for STREAM FRIENDLY UI to DISABLED and disconnect/reconnect.

The commands

Player List

  • To display the list of users on the server (use PgUp to scroll up) and get the player ID#'s for voting, use the following command:
  • The player ID# for [RIP]BearBison is 3


The servers are configured to allow voting so that anyone can become admin when a Senior Admin is not in-game so that they can change missions.
Although all voting is enabled, only the voting of admin is covered here.

Admin Vote

  • Whenever there is a [RIP] member on the server they should be logged in as admin.
  • As junior admins do not have the ability to use our admin tool mod, the ability to login using the in-game admin voting option has been enabled.
  • There are two options to vote an admin, depending if the game has started or not:

Voting Admin in Lobby

  • Prior to voting an admin, you will need to get the players ID#, see Player List above.
  • To vote for someone as admin, use the following command
    #vote admin playersID#
  • The example below shows, the command being issued, who you voted for and if the player is accepted as admin it will inform the user
  • The player that is now admin will have (Admin) added to the right of their name

Voting Admin in game

  • You can use the same method above or the following:
    • From the map screen:
    • Select Players
    • Select the Player Name
    • Select Vote admin link

Changing missions

  • Once voted in as admin, you can change the current mission by returning to the Mission selection menu by using the following command:

Senior admin commands

Once a mission is started, this is all achieved via the Senior Admin Mod which allows additional features to help with admining the server and can be found in our admin forums.

Log in before mission start

  • To log in to admin before the mission starts and being able to use the admin tool, you can use the following command: