This page will help you understand how movement works in Squad.


You move with the usual keys W, A, S, D. Crouch with LCTRL. Go prone with Z. Jump/vault with Space. (This by jumping against a wall)

You can toggle crouching, leaning ADS and Freelook in the settings under "Game" and the Movement. (not under "Controls"!).

You can lean left and right by holding Q and E. You can use Freelook by holding down "key".

You can move in three different speeds:

  • When you just press W, S, A, D , you are running in normal speed;
  • When you also hold LSHIFT , you are sprinting;
  • When you hold LALT instead, you are walking slowly – this makes less noise to nearby enemies.

You can move in three different stances:

  • Standing (see above)
  • When you press Z you can crawl.
  • When you press Ctrl you can crouch.
  • In the game setting it is also possible to check the box for `double tapp for walking`, once this is activated it is possible for the player to double tapp the `w` key and the player will continue walking without having to pres another button.


Where can you see this?

  • Bottom right hand corner of the screen

You will loose stamina when?

  • sprinting
  • crouching
  • moving while prone
  • jumping


  • You can no longer sprint when your stamina is completely exhausted
  • You cannot start sprinting while your stamina is red.
  • when you walk in crouch stance, you will not regain stamina.

How to regain?

  • When running you slowly regain stamina.
  • You regain stamina faster when you stand still
  • and even faster when you crouch or go prone.

| This is a fully regenerated stamnia bar

| This is a stamnia bar on 75%

| 50%

| between 25% and 0%