Current qualified instructors:

  • Any AI wearing the Medic Badge

Booking a Course: To book a course, please speak with one of the listed instructors and request a suitable date. Information will also be posted in the Squad Training Academy subforums

Number of candidates

Three candidates maximum per one instructor.

Purpose of this course

The Medic Course aims to provide participants with the skills necessary to be an effective and contributing factor within Squad gameplay as a medic by learning how to make use of the kit.


You can only participate in this course once you've read Squad Core Game Mechanics and passed both the Basic Infantry and Advanced Infantry courses.

Goals of this course

All medics should be able to effectively assess situations and treat teammates who are either incapacitated or injured, look after the squad/team and keep safe. You will keep your team alive and in good shape and provide intel on enemy movements based on downed/injured friendly’s.


Principles of the Medic

The Medic is the life-blood of a Squad. Without a Medic, a Squad cannot function at full effectiveness in the heat of battle. As the medic, your primary responsibility is to look after injured squad mates and provide indirect suppression and overwatch on the flanks. The Medic should always move on the side of caution so he/she is available when the squad needs him/her.

  • Medics are in a good position to direct players in order to achieve their goal: to pick up a downed player and to heal the wounded.
  • When 2 medics are in the squad, it is important not to stack and keep distance from the other medic. In case of a casualty, only one medic at a time should go and treat the casualty.
  • Primary concern is to keep yourself and your teammates alive.
  • The secondary concern is to assault the enemy and act as a standard rifleman.
  • It’s important to remember that teammates can revive one another but still rely on the medic to fully heal and gain stamina. This can be used in the medic’s advantage and should be requested by the medic if bandages supplies are running low.


The Medic Kit

Medics are equipped with the following:

  • Main Battle Rifle, equipped with scopes, sights or iron sights
  • Pistol
  • HE Grenade (excluding SKS for militia and insurgents as well as Russian and British Optics)
  • Smoke Grenades (colours and quantity differ by faction)
  • Field Dressings
  • Medical kit
  • Spade
  • Binoculars (optics equipped rifles excluded)


Medic role players apply field dressings (Bandages) 25% faster than non-medic class players. They also have exclusive access to the Medical Kit, which is the item that is used to heal wounded players back up to full health, after a field dressing is applied.


Notes on smokes

U.S, British and Canadian forces’ smoke grenades puff to the right of the smoke grenade, while Russian, Insurgent and Militia smokes are bidirectional, meaning they cover both left and right of the grenade itself. 

(U.S/Canadian/British Smoke puffing to the right)

(Russian/Insurgent/Militia puffing left and right)

Smoke grenades are a medics best friend if used correctly. Firstly, remember how the factions smoke grenades work, then remember to throw the smoke between the casualty and the enemy, otherwise they will just fire into the smoke and likely hit and kill you. DO NOT throw the smoke on top of the casualty.


Important Icons and actions to be taken


 - Player is incapacitated and/or bleeding. The ring around the drop icon denotes the bleed out time remaining. Apply field dressing to revive the incapacitated player, or stop bleeding if the player is not incapacitated. Left click to apply field dressing on other players, right click to apply on self.

- Player is wounded and are currently not bleeding out. Use Medical Kit to restore health to full. 



The colour of the wounded icon on the player, shows how injured they are, and will change in shades as they are healed to 100%, as roughly outlined below:


  • Red - Player has 1 - 25% health remaining
  • Orange - Player has 26 - 50% health remaining
  • Yellow - Player has 51 - 75% health remaining
  • Green - Player has 76 - 99% health remaining


Using Map Indicators

The map is an invaluable tool for medics as you gain valuable intel on which players are nearby, their squads, roles and incapacitated or wounded players. Squad Leaders and Medics have their own unique icons on the map, both when healthy and downed. This makes assessing your priorities much simpler.

Use your map to plan your actions. A good medic knows who got hit even if the squad member is out of sight.

Any player, regardless of role, can see wounded members on their maps, as long as they have their field dressing in hand. All roles show as a standard icon when downed on the map.


Health System and HUD

Check this guide


Specific communication

Acknowledge whether you are coming to help a downed/wounded team mate, speak to them if you are coming to heal them or revive them. Otherwise they might give up. Try, if possible, to only use local chat to minimize squad comms clutter.

Give them status updates when you get them up about contacts. Think of information such as last known enemy contact direction, distance & type of enemy contact.

Analyse situation and feed back towards players:

  • Communicate with the other medic who's taking care of downed/wounded (if both are close).
  • Communicate with the downed/wounded player on your approach (use local where possible).
  • Inquire about enemy presence.
  • Downed teammates are shown all throughout the map. The status of the downed teammate however is only visible when he/she is within 200m.

Process of treatment

  • Tell the player NOT TO GIVE UP, HOLD THEIR SPAWN.
  • Use local chat (if possible) to announce your presence on scene.
  • Try to make sure the area is safe.
  • Ask the location of the enemy/threats.
  • Have other players cover you whilst reviving.
  • While applying treatment tell the casualty what to do when he/she gets back up. To either cover a certain angle or to get behind cover where you can finish treatment.


Squad Positioning and Awareness

  • Medics should be positioned in a manner that spreads them out amongst the squad. Medics should never be within 15m of one another. Generally, within a squad, one medic will be positioned close to the squad leader (In a file, they would occupy 4th position) and the other medic further down the line (either at the rear, covering from behind, or close to the flank).
  • It is VITAL that medics do not clump up around injured or incapacitated players. If there is a medic dealing with the problem, keep your distance and provide cover for the medic at work.
  • Your job within the squad, is to focus your attention (and limited Field Dressings) on incapacitated and injured players in your squad. Unless your Squad Leader or assigned Fire Team Leader states otherwise, or you have requested permission, prioritise downed members of your own squad, before those of other squads. 
  • Save your field dressings for incapacitated players. If a friendly is bleeding, request they patch themselves up if they have field dressings of their own. 
  • Should you be in a hot zone, ask your fellow squad members to revive downed friendlies, and direct recently revived players to a place of cover so you can heal them up.
  • Should you be the last medic alive, try to remain hidden and hold your fire unless spotted. Tell your squad not to give up, and wait for the enemy to move out of the area.


Alternative duties and situational awareness

  • Medics should maintain situational awareness over the ongoing state of the engagement.
  • Medics should prioritise their safety and the safety of fellow team-mates over engaging in firefights.
  • Medics should follow instructions given to them by squad leaders and assist wounded casualties.
  • Medics should provide covering/suppressive fire for fellow teammates.


Order of Aid

Situation dependant: who you're treating and in what order

Some things to note:

  • Downed medics mean they cannot help with healing, this gives them TOP priority.
  • Only squad leaders can place forward spawn points (rally points & FOBs), this gives them HIGH priority.
  • Specialized Kit depending on your Squad task are MEDIUM priority (e.g., vehicle hunting squad -> LAT/RPG).
  • All other squad members are prioritised AFTER these three above.
  • If the squad has heavy losses then prioritize the ones that are behind cover so that they can help you to get the medic/SL up.




Tips and Tricks:

  • Always be ready to engage the enemy so don't run around with your bandages or medic bag in hand. Only equip it when it's safe.
  • Your map is your best friend. It gives you all the info to plan your actions.
  • When there are casualties then you are the one in charge so start giving orders. Use your squad/team to make your job easier.
  • Stay in cover and protect your squad by watching the flanks.
  • Your duty is to take care of your squad and not the entire team so don't get separated.
  • Try to work together with the other medic(s) and not against. It is not a contest.
  • You can run (not sprint) while bandaging as well as healing. Only do this when the area is secure.
  • Don't run after wounded players, let them come to you.


Videos to help out