TeamSpeak 3


As a clan [RIP] is using TeamSpeak 3 for our voice communications. [RIP] members MUST be on TS whilst playing on our servers. This page will cover the basics of installing and connecting to the [RIP] TeamSpeak 3 server.

Download and Install

Download the latest version of the client from here ensuring you pick the correct version of your operating system.

Once download install the client.

Register for a myTeamSpeak account

To save your TS profile, which will allow you to use the same TS account on multiple machines and after reinstalling your computer prevent losing your account, you should register for a myTeamSpeak account at

Server details

If you have used TeamSpeak 3 before our server details are:

  • Address:
  • Port: 9987

Connecting to our server

Once the client has started.

  • Select Connections as highlighted below

  • Now select Connect from this menu

On the next menu:

  • Enter the server address
  • Enter your nickname
  • Select Connect

You are now connected to our TeamSpeak 3 server.



You can bookmark our server to save having to re-enter the connection details every time you wish to connect, this is done by selecting Add to Bookmarks from the Bookmarks menu.

  • The select OK in the Bookmarks Manager.

Local Settings

These settings can be configured by selecting Options from the Settings menu.

Connect to myTeamSpeak

To connect the myTeamSpeak account that was created earlier:

  • Select the myTeamSpeak option.
  • Enter account email and password.
  • Select Login.


A requirement for using our TeamSpeak 3 server is the use of Push-To-Talk, this is configured by:

  • Selecting the Capture option within the Options window.
  • Selecting the Push-To-Talk radio button.
  • Selecting the No Hotkey Assigned button and then pressing the key you require.
  • Confirmed by selecting the OK or Apply button.

Mic Clicks

Some people prefer to have Mic Clicks enabled so that you can tell when either another person or yourself transmits.

This is configured by:

  • Selecting the Playback option within the Options window.
  • Selecting the required option(s)
    • Own client plays mic click
    • Other clients play mic clicks

Confirmed by selecting the OK or Apply button.


If like most people you get annoyed by the notification messages when either a user or yourself joins/leaves a channel or the server you can turn them off individually or by turning off all notifications.

Join/Leave notifications

This is configured by:

  • Selecting the Notifications option within the Options window.
  • Expand the relevant sections and disable the highlighted options
  • Deselect other options as required.

All notifications

This is configured by:

  • Selecting the Notifications option within the Options window.
  • Open the drop down for Sound Pack:
  • Select Sounds deactivated

Other user settings

These settings can be configured by Right-Clicking on a user.

Chat Messages

To send a chat message to another user.

  • Select Open Text Chat

You will see the user tab appear at the bottom.

  • Type your message in the text box at the very bottom.

Adjust Users Volume

If a user is too quiet or too loud for you, you can adjust their volume to suit.

  • Select Open Text Chat

  • Adjust the Volume Slider to suit
  • Click OK


Setting this to minimum is a good idea for our Canadian Swingline :)


Create Sub-Channel

Members can create a temporary Sub-Channel that will exist until the last user leaves the channel.

These are created by:

  • Right-Clicking on a channel spacer

  • Enter channel Name
  • Enter channel Password (Optional) if you do not want public members to join channel
  • Select Temporary as the Channel Type (May be your only option)
  • Select OK

The channel will be created and you will automatically be moved into it