Core Mechanics

Core Mechanics


In this course, we will take a deep dive into the core mechanics of Post Scriptum.


The Bloody Seventh Factions

Click on the faction's names below to be redirected to the official Post Scriptum wiki for more info on the different factions.
Allied Forces

Axis Forces


Platoon Sections

Both sides have 3 specialized sections and a commander. Each of these sections plays a specific role during a match. Each section also has specific vehicles available to them.


The commander is the highest authority during a match. He has to manage all the sections, decide on tactics, designate spawn locations and provide support to the troops by calling in airstrikes and artillery.

Available Vehicles: Commander Vehicle, MSP's

Infantry Section

The infantry is the largest force during a match, consisting of section leaders, medics, various support roles, and rifleman. The infantry sections are responsible for capping and defending cap zones. Some support roles as the anti-tank and sappers have a side task in supporting the Armored Section by taking out vehicles and spawn points.

Available Vehicles: Transport Trucks, Halftracks, MSP's

Logistics Section

The logistics section is responsible for maintaining a supply line to the troops on the front so the front can be reinforced with ammo and supplies to build deployable such as sandbags and machine guns. The logistics section can also build spawn points in the form of Forward Operating Bases (FOB's) and rain down hell with mortar fire to support the infantry.

Available Vehicles: Construction Trucks (Logi’s), MSP's

Armored Section

The armored section is tasked with security to the infantry by taking out enemy vehicles. The armored section is also responsible to provide hard-hitting firepower in support of the infantry such as shelling enemy strongholds.

Available Vehicles: Tanks, Light Armour(Scout Vehicles), MSP's

Vehicle Controls

Changing Seats
Change seats with F1, F2 F3 etc...
Change viewports in tanks
Scroll the mousewheel up and down to switch between viewport
Rotate periscope viewport
Hold the CTRL key and move your mouse left and right
Turret rotation speed
Hold the CTRL key and move the mousewheen up and down to change rotation speed

Game Modes


Offensive is a attacker versus defender game mode. The defenders start with full control over all the cap zones. The defenders are tasked with holding off the enemy and keeping controle over these capzones till the time runs out. The attacking team has to gain controle over all the cap zones before the time runs out, each cap zone seized from the enemy adds 15 minutes to the timer.

AAS (Advance and Secure)

Advance and Secure is a tug of war over cap zones. Both sides start from the main base and need to seize more cap zones than the enemy so the enemy starts bleeding tickets. Both sides have a offensive and defensive objective.


Armored is a tug of war over cap zones with armored vehicles only. Players take controle over tanks and scout vehicles and need to take controle over cap zones and push the enemy back to their main base.

Spawn Mechanics

FOB’s (Forward Operating Base)

A FOB is a Forward Operating Base in the form of a large tent with a radio inside, they have a unlimited number of spawn uses and can be used to spawn by your entire team. These FOB’s are places by the Section leader of the logistics section. Only 2 FOB’s can be on the map at any given time, one must be taken down before a new one can be placed.

Each FOB has a construction radius, within this radius Section Leaders and all members of the logistics Section can place deployable items such as repair stations, sandbags and stationary machine guns.

NOTE: On the offensive Gamer Mode, only the attacking team can use FOB’s.

MSP’s (Mobile Spawn Points)

 A MSP is a Mobile Spawn Point in the form of trucks, they have a unlimited number of spawn uses and can be used to spawn by your entire team. The trucks can be relocated by anyone in your team, regardless of the section they are in.

The spawn is only active when the truck is stationary. The spawn is deactivated when the truck is moving or placed inside a red zone. The enemy can destroy the MSP or deactivate the spawn when a single enemy is within 30 meters of the truck.

Regroup Call (PS version of Rally Points)

The Regroup Call is Post Scriptum’s version of the Rally Point. It allows the Section Leader to place a small spawn tent. The Regroup call has unlimited spawns uses for section members only until the timer runs out or until the enemy either deactivated or destroyed the tent. To place a Regroup Call, the section leader must be near a radio, radioman is have 2 section members directly next to him. A regroup call tent can be deactivated by the enemy if they are within the direct vicinity of the tent and can destroy the tent with a single grenade.

A Regroup Call has different lifespans depending on whether or not a radio/radioman was used.Lifespan with radio is 6 minutes, without a radio is 4 minutes. A Section Leader can refresh the countdown timer by either standing next to an existing Regroup Call tent or remotely using a radio/radioman. 120 seconds will be added to the countdown timer in both cases.

Other Spawn Options

  • Parachute Spawn: Only available on certain map layers and restricted to the first 5 minutes of the round.
  • Forward Spawn: The forward spawn only available for the defending team in the offensive game mode and is only available for a short time period.
  • Main Base Spawn: The main start point of each round. Mainly used as respawn point and rearm/repair location of vehicle assets during rounds.