In this guide we will look into movement and how this affects your gameplay. All keys in this course are the default keys and can be changed in the in-game’s settings menu.


The directional movement for both infantry and vehicles are controlled with the WASD keys.

Change your stance to crouch with LCTRL and to go prone press Z.

To jump/vault over or onto objects press the SPACE key.

You can peak around corners by peaking left and right using the Q and E keys.

Use the freelook feature with the LALT key.

In the in-game settings, under the “game” tab you can change the lean and stances keys to “hold” or “toggle”.


The stamina bar is always visible in the bottom right corner of your screen, underneath the ammo counter. The status of your stamina has direct effects on your movement abilities and your ability to fire your weapons.

Losing stamina

You will loose stamina when you're:
  • Running
  • Sprinting
  • Moving while crouching
  • Moving while proned

Low(er) stamina effects

The status of your stamina has direct effect on your movement abilities and abilities to fire your weapons. This makes your stamina and of your section members as SL a important tactical factor in deciding your approach of a enemy position or whether or not to engage an enemy. A low(er) stamina level results in:

  • You can no longer sprint when your stamina is completely exhausted
  • Your accuracy when firing your weapon is significantly lower
  • Unable to use zoom with LShift

Regaining stamina

You can regain stamina by:

  • Running in normal speed (WASD)
  • Standing still
  • Going prone or crouch (fastest regen)

You can get a short stamina regen boost by using your canteen.