Medic Information

Medic Information


This section is for all to better understand the role of the medic, giving a RIP medic an advantage on the battlefield.

Most of this information is covered within the medic training academy course but this is still useful information for the infantry soldier to read through for a better understanding of what a medic needs to do to accomplish his mission.

Medic Walk-through

Attending the scene

Respond in local or Squad chat as appropriate if someone calls for a medic. If there are multiple casualties check how many bandages you have when it is safe to do so. Approach the location of the casualty...if there are multiple casualties perform triage by working out in what order you're getting them up. Usually, it's squad leader first, then medics, then other specialist roles, then infantrymen, although how close they are to bleeding out is also a factor sometimes, not always.

Don't be afraid to get an infantryman dead at your feet up first if it means you have someone to cover you getting up a more important person. Remember, if you have one bandage and you need to get up the squad leader who is some distance away and there is a soldier who is downed close by, by all means, get the soldier up first to give you covering fire but only if the soldier has a bandage for the squad leader.

Approaching the casualty

Say who you're currently getting up, and then who you'll get up next, using local if you're on the scene or squad chat if it's mainly your squad you're dealing with and you're spread out. Ask the casualty where he got shot from. Assess the threats you know of. Use smoke/cover accordingly so you can approach as safely as possible. Smoke should not be positioned on the casualty ideally, but much closer to the enemy position. The closer to the enemy the smoke is, the more they need to move if they want to try to see around it. If grenades or sniper fire is being focused on the casualty wait 20 seconds or so before moving in. They will hopefully get bored and look for another target.

If you have someone covering you don't be afraid to tell them where you want them to stand and where they should watch - you're absolutely in charge unless Squad Lead gives a direct order so don't be afraid to direct local troops to assist if required.

Working on the casualty

Tell the casualty you're getting him up now in local. Inform him of any new intel you have from your journey to him (use bearings and distance). If the area is hot remind him to stay down and not to initially reload unless his clip is empty. Tell him if you need him to move to a safer place to fully heal him (e.g. move back towards me and then come to the other side of the compound wall behind you). Tell him where you want him to point his gun once he's up and then get him patched up. If it is safe to do so don't be afraid to get other classes to bandage casualties to save your own. Your bandages are first and for most for the casualties you have to deal with when you're on your own. Now heal him up, in cover if need be. Tell him when you're done.

Rinse and repeat until everyone is up

If you know you cannot get a casualty up for any reason feel free to let them know as soon as possible that they should bleed out or give up if told to do so by the squad lead. As a matter of courtesy let anyone giving covering fire know when you're finished.

Remember, you're the medic, as far as local troops are concerned you're in charge until they're fully healed and unless squad leaders say otherwise and that also goes for anyone covering you from other squads. Just be calm, clear and you'll be fine. If there are lots of casualties I like to get a few up before I start healing so they can watch more corners/entry points so we're not flanked (thank you Panther for this tip). You tend to be sat back a little from your men and reacting to the situation, rather than making something happen so take the time when you have it to help out your squad lead by keeping an eye on rally spawns and any exposed flanks and inform squad lead accordingly.

Information for infantry

  • When you are wounded please bandage yourself.
  • If you are wounded (being shot at) please try to move towards the medic best into cover because the medic should not be where the bullets are flying heavily.
  • When a medic is healing you don’t run away. Running into a fight with just 20% health means slight damage and your down/dead no use or the medic runs after you and gets killed trying to patch you up.
  • Please when 2-3 people are down in your squad and the brave medic goes to get them up and back into the fight he cannot shoot as the medic has his hands full with guts, blood and bandages. The rest of the squad should give covering fire.
  • Medics use local troops to their advantage. If they have a team mate down and cannot be sure of enemy presence, they may ask for local troops to help them pass through the area.
  • When in defense, open your map know where the medic is and how to get to him/her when help is needed. Don’t run off to find the enemy get killed in a stupid open position and expect a medic to get you.
  • Most importantly, don’t give up. ask before doing so. nothing worse than running up to heal a player and they give up.
  • When you are Down stop calling MEDIC!! Medics have a good understanding of who is down and need to prioritize. This does not help to the medic to do his/her job properly.
  • As a medic is important to Priorities his/her own squad, this may mean another squads medic may pass over you without getting you up. Wait for your medic if this is the case. Medics will try their best to get everyone up but orders are orders.
  • Don’t watch the medic heal you, keep an eye out from where you were shot. This could stop a second attack killing yourself and the medic.
  • If you are not a medic but have dead buddies around you bandage them to stop them bleeding out. This also allows the medic to get everyone up a lot faster and back to safety.
  • Smoke is our friend, medics may ask you to throw smoke. This does not mean throw smoke at the casualty, but between the casualty and the enemy.
  • When you or a teamate is being healed/revivided do not draw unnecessary attention! Only fire to cover the medic when it is necessary.