Map Reading and Usage

Map Reading and Usage


This guide covers the correct use of the map grids and how to relay important battlefield intel and positions with your teammates using these grids.

Map Usage

Map Controles

Quick View
Open map with the M key, use the zoom with the N key. Useful to quickly view your teammate's locations and marked enemy locations.
In-Depth View (name change?)
Open map with the M key, use the zoom with the N key. Hover mouse over the map to look up grid locations or to mark locations as Section Leader or Commander using the right mouse key. 


The map provides you with Intel on terrain, objective locations and the locations of your teammates. Additional markers can be placed on the map by section leaders and commanders, these markers can indicate enemy locations, section orders such as attack or rally up locations as well as request markers such supply and airstrike requests. The map is covered with two sets of coordinate grids, a larger grid with alphabetic and numerical coordinates and a small grid that is called "keypad" and is read from 1 to 9 like the numerical keypad on your PC keyboard.
7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

When calling out coordinates you would use H7 keypad 2. Using the military alphabet, the call out would be Hotel 7, keypad 2.

Map Reading and Usage

Post Scriptum uses a simplistic Alphanumerical grid system. Letters along the top and numbers down the side. The correct way to call out a grid reference is to always start along and then go up (A handy way to remember is "Along the corridor, Up the stairs"). So in Squad your grid reference should always start with the Letter than the Number.

Phonetic alphabet

International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet
A - Alpha J - Juliet S - Sierra
B - Bravo K - Kilo T - Tango
C - Charlie L - Lima U - Uniform
D - Delta M - Mike V - Victor
E - Echo N -  November W - Whiskey
F - Foxtrot O - Oscar X - X-Ray
G - Golf P - Papa Y - Yankee
H - Hotel Q - Quebec Z - Zulu
I - India R - Romeo  

Using single letters to relay grid information can be misunderstood because of dialects and accents, or can be completely missed because of in-game noises. Using words instead of single letters eliminates confusions and allows for clearer communication.

The Grids

Each grid square has been split into 9 smaller squares. We call this the "Keypad" as it mimics the keypad on your keyboard. This is important to remember, as some get confused with a Phone's keypad, which of course has 1 2 3 at the top, not 7 8 9. Each "keypad" are also split into 9 smaller squares, these are called subkeys. The use of subkeys allowed for more precise map markers and communication.

A callout of an enemy FOB location is relayed as Hotel 7, keypad 2, subkey 5. The keypad reference is a community-wide standard in games like Squad and Post Scriptum.


The map grid system has fixed distances, including for the keypads and subkeys. The distances are the same on all maps. Full Grid - 300 meters, Keypad Grid -  100 meters, Subkey Grids - 33 meters.

Command Map Markers

This is the Echo 1 Grid

Icons marked on the map by Section Leaders and Commanders are divided into 3 categories, each has a different color. Section orders are displayed with a green icon. Requests are displayed with blue icons. Icons displaying enemy locations are red.

Echo 1 Keypad 7 Subkey 5 = Request Repairstation - Echo 1 Keypad 8 Subkey 5 = Enemy Tank - Echo 1 Keypad 9 Subkey 5 = Section Attacker Order

Echo 1 Keypad 4 Subkey 5 =Enemy Infantry - Echo 1 Keypad 5 Subkey 5 = Request Bombing Mission - Echo 1 Keypad 6 Subkey 5 = Enemy Machinegun 

Echo 1 Keypad 1 Subkey 5=Requesting Supplies - Echo 1 Keypad 2 Subkey 5 = Unknown Enemy - Echo 1 Keypad 3 Subkey 5 = Enemy FOB

Map Icons

Icons Description
Your own character is displayed as a yellow arrow with a field of view arch indicating the direction you are currently looking at.
No Image Members in your sections are displayed as green icons.
No Image Members in other sections are displayed as blue icons.
No Image Commanders are displayed as blue icons with a yellow star.
No Image Sections leaders have a number on their icons displaying which section they lead.
No Image Most unit classes are displayed with black unit icons.
No Image Medics are displayed as unit icons with a red cross.
No Image Radioman is displayed as unit icons with a radio tower
No Image Marksman is displayed with as unit icons with a reticle crosshair.
No Image Anti-tank infantry is displayed as unit icons with a bazooka.
This Mobile Spawn Point (MSP) is active and can be used to spawn on by the entire team.
This MSP has been deactivated by the enemy. MSP's are deactivated when an enemy unit gets within 30 meters.
This Forwards Operating Base(FOB)  is active and can be used to spawn on by the entire team.
This FOB has been deactivated by the enemy. FOB's are deactivated when 2 enemy units get within 50 meters or the FOB radio was destroyed by a sapper unit or HE tank rounds.
No Image Active Regroup Call, can be spawned on till the timer runs out. Unlike other spawn, section members can only spawn on their own rally point.
No Image The Regroup Call has been deactivated by an enemy unit. Kill the enemy units in the area to reactivate the rally. A single grenade will destroy the rally point.
The parachute spawn is only available on certain map layers and can only be spawned on during the first 5 minutes of the round.
Your team's objective is to seize control over this cap zone.
Your team's objective is to defend and hold this cap zone.
This cap zone is no longer active.
This is the commander vehicle.
This is the construction truck, also knows as a logi.
This is the towable ammo trailer. Placeable ammo crates have the same icon.
This is a infantry transport vehicle. They come in various types of vehicles.
This is a light armored infantry transport vehicle. They come in various types of vehicles.
This is a infantry transport jeep with a mounted machine gun.
This is a light armored recon vehicle.
This is a wheeled light armored fighting vehicle.
This is a tracked tank.
This is a heavy tracked tank.
This is a tracked tank destroyer.
This is a towable anti-tank gun.