Post Scriptum 2nd EU Tournament

by Zodika & Joina412
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Post Scriptum 2nd European Tournament

Back In 2020 RIP participated in the First Euro Tournament, RAAS gamemode did not seem to suit our playstyle at all and we ended the tournament unplaced, with our ranks somewhat depleted. 

Undeterred we turned things around and with a bit of a change of management at the top Joina412 and Zodika came forth as Game Commander and 2i/c respectively and decided that in the second Tournament we would enter into a partnership with 40-1, a long standing allied clan and friends of RIP. Together we formed the Rusty 40.

The maps were drawn, and we were off.

This year the mode was to be offensive, in some ways a better form of play for us, and more like what we would normally play on our popular public server.

There would be 2 group phases we were to be in group B. The group contained some of the best teams in Europe fielding players that play together on a regular basis, we on the other hand were starting with a small core of seasoned players and a bunch of somewhat raw RIP Recruits.

We began the tournament with some low level games, finding our feet quickly against some hugely capable teams, with a hard group phase containing teams who are some of the best in the game. And were quickly able to identify those with SL and commander potential, training followed with regular well attended interesting sessions every Wednesday.

We played a few matches, and found ourselves at the bottom of the group at one point, then came our moment to shine.



A Chapter 2 map. STONNE.

Many people dislike the French maps considering them to be inferior as they are based on early WW2 weaponry,, however we stuck our heads together and practiced. Some members spent many hours on our training server just to learn the kits and how best to use them against what some consider “invincible” French tanks. and against the dreaded Flak 36 (88) and 20mm deployable assets. We quickly developed a doctrine.

We were drawn against Armee Groupe Adler, the leaders of Group B, we were very much the underdogs, how would we even stand a chance against a team that had swept all before them? 

We attack as French, we smash through the first cap capping in good order and pushing into the second, using the flanks and our “better armoured tanks” smashing the second storming the hill like it wasnt there. We moved into the village for some hard house to house fighting, managing to encircle the enemy however capping this cap, was a cap too far but nevertheless we ended the match victorious with tickets to spare and having capped 2 caps giving us 400 points under our belt.

Now we must defend knowing that the French tanks are almost impervious to the German shells we have to take the gloves off. Playing as German should give us “inferior tanks”, time to cash in those training hours and turn them into tank kills. Our dedicated AT troops rush the enemy tanks as they push forwards, with our own galant tankers making their way forward at best speed to join the fight, but having a bit of a hard time of it, but providing great support. We are flanked to the left but this attack is quickly put down flanked right, the push is stopped dead in its tracks.

Our “much feared” mortar squad is raining down hell, and comes under heavy counter battery fire from enemy mortars, positioned just outside the enemy main base area.They are soon outflanked and as they are positioned on the second cap they are easy prey for the dastardly French counter mortars and attacking troops. however this was planned, and drew the enemy away from the cap.

Our mortars retire, as was the plan, their role is done we send a small, but hugely brave, small band of troops into cap 2 to “disrupt the enemy” and make them think that our mortars are struggling to get back online, all the while our “mortar team” are hunting the enemy mortars on foot, they find them and kill them, repeatedly so they are not just deadly at range, but also close up and personal. Thus giving us the defenders a much needed break from the constant shelling that was now hitting the cap.

The cap is holding, the enemy is getting desperate, throwing everything they have at us, even risking their commander and his car, he is quickly cut down as he steps out of his crappy Citroen. Artillery falling all around the galant defenders, then a glance at the map, the cap is to and fro as attackers try and push over and over again often neutralising the point, but it is quickly retaken.

The timer says to 2 mins then 1.55 we have done it, the enemy cant cap, against all the odds RIP (Rusty40) are victorious, our commander for the match, JTInfantry, falls from his chair cheering the win, pulling out his power cord on the way. We have beaten the group leaders, again, what a comeback. and certainly one of the stellar moments of the whole tournament. we are all elated, the match was streamed almost live, and the streamers cannot believe the result, what a battle.

We went from bottom to second, then after some internal controversy, Armee Groupe Adler withdrew from the tournament despite leading the group, some would say they left in disgrace, but we are pushed to the top spot, we are group leaders. Fortune favours the brave as they say.

We go into the Semi Finals, our small band of players is growing, many people seeing us play on the streamed events, this brings them to the server. Some of our players are getting recognised while playing, regular comments of “i saw you guys on YouTube” we are giving interviews on Twitch. It's a good feeling. and knowing that it’s promoting RIP, well thats even better.

The final was in our grasp, however this time it was not to be, and we are beaten but we are beaten by the teams that go into the final, we give them a hard fight though and don't give up, fighting until the very end. The recording of the match was amazing, those guys live and breath the game.

We play for the Bronze place but alas, we have to contend with being the fourth best team in Europe. 



FORTH BEST, we are not last, as a team we pull it back from the brink of elimination and most importantly we are not last, RIP go into the Euro Ladder history as being good, at being a force to be reckoned with. 

For the command group its validation that all the hard work has paid off, for the players, whilst there have been obvious disappointments there is a sense of pride in having achieved something and built it up. 

Planning for matches took many hours of coordination in discord with all Squad Leaders and RIP PS command staff playing an active part in planning many a defence and attack. Our friends at 40-1 helped along the way, but almost all of plans were devised by RIP members, and we commanded every match.



As a Platoon we continue to grow, recruiting new members all the time.

Mondays, thats our skirmish night, Dino, a budding PS map maker comes up with some great new maps for us to hone our infantry skills on, movement and close range engagements are the norm, its a lot of fun and different as the maps are all home grown.

Wednesdays are our training evenings, with a great turnout weekly, and people learning new skills. Our dedicated training guru Wafflekopf coming up with new ideas all the time.

Friday nights as always are RIP v World have become a huge feature with many members playing, several squads on the server all at once, dedicated Logistics, Tanks, Mortars (an ongoing field) and people sharpening their infantry skills. the dream is for Fridays to be 40 RIP v all who can come test us.

Post Scriptum training Skirmish and Fridays are open to all who own the game, matches are open to all RIP members regardless of rank, time in the clan or skill level, and are regularly posted in the events section of the forums


We continue to strive to push forwards the RIP ethos

Long Live the Iron Guards

And long Live RIP.


Joina412 PS Game Commander

Zodika PS 2i/c