This PC-tuning video got me from 35 to 100 fps

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This PC-tuning video got me from 35 to 100 fps

Post by S.M.O.G. »

Hey Guys!

Lately I've been wondering why my pc is not giving me the performance I need. I was thinking about buying a new GPU but don't want to spend the money right now.

So I looked for some information about tuning a pc for gaming, and this is the video that I found.

It helped me get from 35/40 fps to over 100 fps. Even on EPIC settings I get 60 fps now.

for some of you this video is probably pure logic, but I'm no computer wizard by any means, so this helped me alot!

S.M.O.G. out!
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Re: This PC-tuning video got me from 35 to 100 fps

Post by Nachthuiver »

Hope you were careful with the regedit...people in the comments of this video placed a warning. Seems some peoples rigs were messed up by what he was telling.

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Re: This PC-tuning video got me from 35 to 100 fps

Post by BleakMaker »

Okay so until the registry stuff it is all fine and especially if you have a low power pc disabling some of those windows effects might help a little.

But all those programs and regitry tweaks is just bullcrap.
CCleaner has been infected with malware multiple times without the ccleaner team even noticing and having to be warned by other companies.. Uninstall programs overall are bullshit we do not live in a time anymore where leftover keys in your registry take up so much data it makes your pc slow... we no longer have 1mb of ram and 100mb of Hardrives...

Make sure your drivers are up to date and you do not have too many programs running in the background or none at all that's it.

If you feel like you f*cked up your pc by installing crap and it seems to have gotten slower over time then put your important files on a usb or external drive and just do a clean install of windows.. During the installation disable every diagnostics / privacy thing (you paid for windows so they do not need your profile to sell to advertisers in my opinion.) And after that just structure your folders and maps in such a way that everything is clean and you have a nice overview. Run disk cleaner once a while (comes with windows).

Your windows is just like your house you are responsible to keep it clean having a robot do it for you just is not working as it should yet (and perhaps you should not want it to work in the future aswell).

I understand some people are not as tech savy as others but sadly there is no easy fix or program to do it so if you install and deinstall or forget about installed programs in the background just do a clean install once every year.
Anyway end of my rant about these kind of videos..
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