Clan Roles

[RIP] Rusty In Places' back bone is its members and the commitment they give to the clan to ensure that it's run smoothly and provides an excellent home for like minded fellow gamers. The following gives a brief outline of the roles or positions found at [RIP] and the responsibilities that they come with.

Clan Founder

The Clan Founders are those that decided back in November 2006, that they would create [RIP] to follow our principles and they went public in December 2006.
Their responsibilities include:

  • Having full authority over all aspects of the clan and its servers
  • Ensuring that the clan sticks to it's guiding principles
  • Kept this short to not over inflate those ego's lol


Clan Leader

The Clan Leaders are those that are in charge of the main running of the clan. Their responsibilities include:

  • Working closely with CFs on major policy changes or issues, before open discussion with the CS
  • Responsible for looking after voluntary donations and ensuring all running costs are paid and on time
  • Being a confidential point of contact for any member experiencing problems or difficulties within the clan or in real life
  • Settling queries not precisely defined in the clan rules
  • Handling any gross misconduct or other violations that are deemed severe enough to eject a member from the clan
  • Supporting the Field Marshal in performing their role


Command Staff

The following roles consist of the main bulk of the [RIP] management that ensure the clan is moving in the right direction whilst keeping true to the founding principles.

Field Marshall (FM)

The Field Marshals are those that are in charge of the Command Staff. Their responsibilities include:

  • Overseeing all aspects of the day to day running of clan life
  • Ensuring [RIP] standards are maintained
  • Monitoring the performance of CS in their respective roles to ensure everything run smoothly
  • Handling any issues from the CS
  • Holding at minimum quarterly CS meetings

Game Commander (GC and GC2ic)

Also known as "Company Commander" or "Company CO" and "Company 2IC".

  • Part of the Command staff group and has access to all [RIP] senior admin tools and databases.
  • In charge of a particular Game section within the clan. Overseeing management of all members, forum sections and activities relating to that game.
  • Can and will delegate roles for e.g Platoon Leaders, War arrangers and Deputies.
  • Has final say on all requests for amendments to platoons, server configs or map rotations.
  • Responsible for all members of which are allocated to one of their platoons this includes:
    • Upholding the Clan and Server rules at all times and diplomatically dealing with any breaches.
    • Managing Promotions.
    • Awarding Ribbons and Badges.
    • Forum/roster profiles.
    • Transferring inactive players to the TA group.
    • Overseeing and planning regular training sessions.


ITG Commander (ITG CO and ITG 2IC)

  • Leaders of the Initial training group (ITG).
  • Part of the Command staff group.
  • Responsible for managing the ITG group and its Recruitment Officers (RO).
  • Ensuring all Recruitment Officers (RO) are trained and able to complete an application.
  • Required to monitor the RO's activity levels with completing applications in a timely manner.
  • Oversee completed applications checking the following are all correct:
    • Roster profile details.
    • Forum profile details.
    • Avatar, signature and Forum group (Recruits).
  • Transferring completed applications to the roster and assigning to the Recruits group as main platoon.
  • Assigning recruits to a Platoon after 4 weeks or on Platoon's wishes.
  • Taking New recruits out of recruit mode after 30 days and promoting to rank of Pvt. and fully signing off to the new recruits main game area.


Academy Commander

Part of the Command Staff and is responsible for over seeing the academy within [RIP] including ensuring all AI's have correct forum access and usergroup placement and also adding badges to player profiles upon requests. Proofs any course notes to ensure all is correct and to keep the Wiki section up to date as much as possible. Also responsible for keeping the academy section of the forums clean and un-cluttered to ensure easy use and functionality.


Head of Media

The Graphics commander is overall responsible for all designs of all graphics that [RIP] use on the Website, Servers, Forums, Teamspeak and externally. The GFX CO also manages a team of GFX artists and assigns any outstanding requests for graphics. The GFX CO also has to personally sign off all artwork that is created by the team to ensure that they conform to the parameters set by [RIP] including file types and correct dimensions. The GFX CO is also responsible for managing the GFX section of the [RIP] Forums.

Members Roles


Platoon Leader (PL and PL2ic)

A Platoon Leader (PL) is the NCO in command of a platoon. The PL's main responsibilities is to the members assigned to their platoon including managing promotions, awards, training and fun nights. Where applicable the PL will also take charge or delegate the responsibility of producing tactics or battle plans for internal and external competitions or events. The PL's are usually assisted by a platoon 2ic (Pl2ic )due to the nature and increased responsibility of such assignments. A PL has no additional admin rights and as such all requests for promotions and/or awards for platoon members must be made through their Company CO.

Section Leader

A Section Leader is the NCO in command of a Section within a Platoon. The Section Leader’s main responsibilities is to the members assigned to their Section including managing activity. Where applicable the Section Leader will also take charge or delegate the responsibility of producing tactics or battle plans for internal and external competitions or events. A Section Leader has no additional admin rights and as such all requests for promotions and/or awards for Section members must be made through their Platoon Leader.

Fire Team Leaders (FTL)

The Fire Team Leader (FTL) Role in Platoons is given to members of whom take charge in-games; Leading Groups in matches or events (In-Game Squad Leaders).


Recruitment Officer (RO)

A Recruitment Officer is a NCO position within the Initial Training Group (ITG).

All RO's:

  • Report to a Senior Recruitment Officer (SRO) and ITG commanders (CO and 2IC)
  • Are responsible for managing applications from new recruits
  • Must check incoming applications for recruits daily
  • Must check applications for VAC bans and Malicious steam profiles (leaving notes on application)
  • Assign themselves applications suitable under our joining rules
  • Meet with new applicants on our Teamspeak for initial recruitment talk
  • Complete the new recruits application by accepting or denying
  • Must reject Malicious or Inappropriate applications
  • Are the new Recruit's first point of call for the entire 30 day Recruit period.
  • Must stay in contact with the recruit weekly for 30 days (via Forum PM)

Useful Links: ITG Current Roster


Academy Instructor (AI)

A member who has the status of "AI" is someone who shows expertise or good knowledge in a particular field of their game and who has the ability to teach others in this knowledge. Academy courses are pre-arranged usually using locked or private servers which will result in the awarding of a badge to show that players have progressed and passed this course and are competent in that skill. These badges can be displayed on the players profile page found on the Roster

Useful Link: Academy


Media Team (M)

A [RIP] FX artist is responsible for ensuring that their assigned workload is completed in a timely manner conforming to the parameters set by [RIP] and the Media CO. Also ensuring that any personalised pieces for example Command staff Signatures, ribbons and badges conform to the design requirements set by the beneficiary.


War Arranger (WA)

The role of the WA is to schedule events and matches/scrims.

A WA can go beyond events and publicise their respective game server to the public and/or other clans to encourage server population.

The WA will do everything possible to ensure that the event starts on time and that the clan members participating are fully aware of the details of an event.

Open and honest communication with other clan WAs is essential in organising quality events and maintaining a positive image of [RIP].

Lastly, the WA must record who the [RIP] participants were for the purposes of rewards such a ribbons.