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[RIP] is a clan that is about having fun in our games and TS. We are not a competitive clan although we do organise league competitions within the clan and compete with other clans in friendly scrims (which is why we run a platoon structure). We have previously had competitive teams but we currently just play for enjoyment although if enough members want to compete we will support it. Our experience has been that the whole gaming experience is enhanced when scriming. To be part of a competitive team you would be expected to show up for practice, usually around one hour per week and to show up for matches on a regular basis.

Membership is free and all we ask is that you regularly visit our website or be on our TeamSpeak 3 server. Once you apply a Recruitment Officer will contact you and start the application process. For the first 30 days, you will be a new recruit which has no commitment other than joining the fun

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